Milk & Yoghurt

VecoZuivel has a leading position producing premium cow- and goat milk products, for the Dutch consumer market.

One of the brands Is VecoZuivel Organic that stands for premium
organic quality produced with high regard for sustainability and animal welfare, but also great taste!

Also bulk, and conventional milk and yoghurt produce are available in the following industrial sizes:
( 500L / 1000L) Retail ( 500ml, 1000ml, 750ml )

Whole Milk
Whole Milk is a delicious full creamy and soft milk. Our Whole milk fully satisfy the rich taste of dairy.

Semi Skimmed Milk
Semi Skimmed milk is mild and balanced. Responsible choice for enjoying the most delicious,

tasty  dairy. Ideal for breakfast (muesli), but especially good to have a glass of milk at lunch!
Semi skimmed milk is our best sold product in Dutch consumer market.

Skimmed Milk
Skimmed milk is a non-fat milk. Ideal for a customized eating pattern or a low fat diet.

Buttermilk has a sophisticated and soft character and a delicious mild taste. Traditionally enjoyed cold,
this Dutch-Dutch drink is good for thirst, low fat and a slightly sour taste. It is also used as a base for cake and sorbets.

with various fruit flavours , according to client specifications and different own recipes

  • With cereal
  • Added Vitamin B(B2 and B12)
  • Organic and conventional

Retail packaging (500ml, 1000ml, 750ml)

Whole Yoghurt
Whole Yoghurt is a delicious full creamy and soft Yoghurt. Our whole Yoghurt fully satisfies
the rich taste of dairy. Whole yoghurt  is ideal for breakfast(muesli) or as a dessert.


Skimmed Yoghurt
Skimmed Yoghurt is mild and balanced. Responsible choice for enjoying the most delicious,
tasty organic dairy.Skimmed Yoghurt is Ideal for breakfast(muesli) or as a dessert and is very low fat.  

Fruit added Yoghurt
Yogurt + fruit. Rich and creamy yogurt made with whole milk and all natural with delicious fruit

on the bottom or mixed throughout. A tasty snack or as an addition to any meal. Sweet and tasty in various flavours.

Fresh Dutch Goat Dairy
Consumption of goat dairy in the Netherlands is increasing year after year. More and more people
are looking for alternatives to cow’s milk. Moreover, increasing awareness of food related health
issues and the benefits of goat dairy has improved demand on goat milk products.

Available products

  • Whole goat milk, 6x 750 ml
  • Whole goat yoghurt, 6x 750 ml
  • Semi-skimmed goat milk, 6x 750 ml
  • Skimmed goat yoghurt, 6×750 ml

Of course we can also offer you bulk solutions for industrial usage of our goat dairy assortment.