Fresh Organic

VecoZuivel organic cream butter is a fair cream butter with a traditional flavor. Of course, for this product, only fresh, organic milk is used directly from the farmer. VecoZuivel  Organic butter Retail pack 24 x 250 Gram. Available in salted and unsalted  variety.

VeCo Butter
This butter is especially developed for professional use by (industrial) bakeries. Guaranteeing the best quality of organic butter. We only use top quality cream that is quality tested and meets the highest hygienic and organic standards. VeCo Butter is organic certified. No artificial produce ingredients or fertilizers has have been used throughout the production chain.

  • Box 10 KG
  • Box 10 x 2 KG

Goat Butter
Betsie’s Goat Butter  is a tasty and healthy alternative for cow butter, discovered by more and more consumers. One of the benefits is that goat butter is more easy to digest in comparison to cow butter. Betsie’s eigenwijzegeitenzuivel is a premium brand with it’s own steady consumer base, that has high regard for the creamy and mild taste of Betsie’s goat butter. Betsie’s unsalted goat butter is available in Retail pack 24 x 250 Gram