VecoZuivel has a leading position producing premium Organic milk products, for the Dutch consumer market. One of the brands Is VecoZuivel Organic, that stands for premium quality, produced with high regard for sustainability and animal welfare, but also great taste! 

Dutch cows produce great milk! Clean air, clean water and space to roam lush meadows, make for ideal living conditions for cows to produce good and tasty milk. 100% Pure, 100% taste. Flevomel is expanding it’s product brand. Currently, Flevomel is available in milk powder, UHT and fresh milk.

Betsie´s – Fresh Dutch Goat Dairy
Consumption of goat dairy in the Netherlands is increasing year after year. More and more people are looking for alternatives to cow’s milk. Moreover, increasing awareness of food related health issues and the benefits of goat dairy has improved demand on goat milk products. Here’s why you should choose Betsie’s

Easy to digest
Goat dairy has fat globules and protein structures that differ from cow’s milk making the goat dairy better digestible.

Providing essential minerals and protein
Goat dairy contains all the good building materials cow’s milk has as well, like proteins and calcium.

Rich taste
Betsie’s dairy products can be described as delicious creamy and have a mild taste.

Low fat and whole milk products in one range
By introducing a semi-skimmed milk and skimmed yoghurt there now is an alternative for people on a diet or living a healthy lifestyle.

Attractive packaging
The small and high packing make Betsie’s goat dairy elegant to see!

Available products

  • Whole goat milk, 6x 750 ml
  • Whole goat yoghurt, 6x 750 ml
  • Semi-skimmed goat milk, 6x 750 ml
  • Skimmed goat yoghurt, 6×750 ml

VecoZuivel Professional
With VecoZuivel Professional we deliver diverse food manufactures active in producing sauces, soups, pancakes, profiteroles, ice cream and infant food. We have different packing possibilities adapted to the factories we’re delivering to: think of bag in boxes of 10 liter or the bigger 500 to 1000 liter bulk boxes, also known as pallecons.

The main products we supply in bulk are organic and conventional quality milk, yoghurt and cream. Currently, our standard assortment consists of:

  • Organic and / or Conventional Cream in CEVA-tainer (500/1000 liter) or Bag in Box (10 liter) (fat percentages of 20%, 30%, 35% of 40% etc.)
  • Organic and / or Conventional Milk (skimmed, semi-skimmed, whole) in CEVA-tainer (500/1000 liter)
  • Organic and / or Conventional Yoghurt (skimmed, semi-skimmed, whole) in CEVA-tainer (500/1000 liter)
  • Other productsavailable on request
  • Product development on request


VeCo Butter
VeCo Butter is specially developed for professional use by (industrial) bakeries. Guaranteeing the best quality of organic butter. We only use top quality cream that is quality tested and meets the highest hygienic and organic standards. VeCo Butter is organic certified. No artificial ingredients or fertilizers have been used throughout the production chain. We’re glad to say more and more bakeries use our quality butter.

Our VeCo butter is available as:
• VeCoorganic butter extra firm 10x2kg sheets; 20kg outer carton
• VeCoorganic butter seasonal 1x10kg outer carton
• VeCoorganic butter seasonal 1x25kg outer carton
• Winter butter can be made on request.

May we serve your company with the best Organic butter?